Gear Measurement and Inspection

The advantages of Inspecting Gears using a CMM

Choosing the correct CMM is very important and Ultra High Accuracy measuring machines are designed to inspect virtually any geometry, including all types of gear or gear cutter, with or without a rotary table.

Some important things to consider:

  • Better system accuracy, especially for the inspection of large and heavy gears
  • Higher throughput due to pallet measurements
  • Easy setup, no centering or alignment of the gear required
  • Less investment and less maintenance costs
  • Software certification: QUINDOS Gear software is certified by the PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) of Germany.
  • Gear standards: Evaluations according ISO, DIN, AGMA, JIS and CNOMO, all included in the QUINDOS Gear basic package. Also available is gear evaluation according to Caterpillar standards.
Other Considerations that Gear Manuafcturers are not often aware of:


  • Small and medium size gears: comparable to a dedicated gear measuring machine
  • Large and heavy gears: gear inspection centres do provide better accuracy because no rotary table is used.

Measuring speed:

  • Small gears: similar to a dedicated gear checker but much higher throughput with pallets
  • Large and heavy gears: faster than a dedicated gear measuring machine because the gear does not need to be turned

Flexibility: You can use your high precision coordinate measuring machine to inspect any component.

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Gear inspection using a Coordinate Measuring Machine


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